November 8, 2014



Should one who comes with the knowledge and wisdom of which you have failed to find in every video or film ever made, and having this wisdom complete, be so humbled for possessing such knowledge in front of this worlds scientific, academic and religious heathens, which is the reason you fail each and every time to discover enlightenment, which, to quote your goodselves, is the secrets in full sight, The question I ask, is this failure on all your behalfs due to your intellectual superiority and foolishness of your attempt to equate via ridiculous measurements taken across the sea and land, in your vain hope that some dumb fucked Masonic including the scottish right architect has hidden the truth in his frustrated vain attempt to also find enlightenment

Do yourself a favour, roll all science, Masonic babble, religious dogma, and mystic mumbo jumbo up into a cricket ball size, and toss it over your left shoulder and completely dismiss any possible hope whatsoever of finding what you're looking for within what it possesses, because it cannot be found in there, it doesn't dwell in there it doesn't exist in there, as everything you perceive, is but 2 dimensionalNow let it be known right now, that I already know that what I am about to reveal will in effect only touch perhaps One % of who reads it, the rest of you intellectually arrogant snotty nose, Know it all experts, who really know fuck all about anything, really just need a good head kicking, to wake you up out of you poisonous and venomous ways of operating speaking behaving and living, as you're basically just evil fucks, that to be Honest, I wouldn't bother pissing on, so dont bother even offing your condemnation of my criticism of your behaviour, as you know who and what you are

Now the reason I speak in such a manner, and knowing that what I about to reveal has its own protection from such evil fucks within this civilization, and there may well be those within this civilization, apart from myself, who have the Knowledge and wisdom, but I also say they are terrified of the knowledge, and while they may be able to point to the pathway of the enlightenment, they themselves are terrified of going anywhere near it, and this includes the entire masonic lodges and its members, science, and all religions due to the self inflicted repercussions of daring to do so, as they know in their heart of hearts they are not worthy of opening this doorway, (portal) pathway of further enlightenment, and this really pisses them all off world wide, as they fully know and understand due to there personal past and behaviours that they are excluded, forbidden to proceed or enter, or trapped in this 2 dimensional world by there own misdeeds,and I know it and they know it so that leaves them baying around the steppes of further enlightenment like stray banned dogs

So where is the answer, well you covered it, then dismissed it, virtually in the same breath, run you video from 27 minutes and you're looking at the answer you seek, thats all put up there, and painted by the baying dogs that are excluded from access, so they know were the doorway to freedom is but they cannot use it, because they are all evil fucks who don't deserve accessThis is why the entire scientific fraternity and all there guilds which includes their superiors, who are the Vatican and Black jesuits, that includes the Masons, spend all there woken time and efforts, keeping the truth about what rainbows really are, all hidden from the world at large or completely buried in made up mumbo jumbo of Newtonian physics, which is all just made up and invented as a blanket, to cover over the truth, and to indoctrinate all our youth and children, BEING YOUinto thinking NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG

August 21, 2014


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: CRYPTIC WARNING FROM THE ANCIENTS: Its very clear that Nostradamus is passing a warning message, that came to him via the Ancients, thousands of years through time within his...


Its very clear that Nostradamus is passing a warning message, that came to him via the Ancients, thousands of years through time within his cryptic Rose from 1633, by friend and Alchemist college Robert Fludd, that is now very currant for our time as he prophesied it would be 

Given, I have in the underlying post shown you the dynamic waves for the portals, and what I wish to convey to you all, is that from Ancient times through these discoveries, and now fully understood and unraveled Hieroglyphics and cyrptographic  images, both carved in stone and etched in ink, and published by my hand, there being nothing copy-pasted, as its all original and from one person, please do mistake this information as made up, or second hand 

Now in this post I am going to connect Quantum Geophysics and atomic optics, with Nostradamus and Alchemy, all the way back to Horus the so called (RA God, and the Ancient Knowledge and wisdom, and none of this data will deviate from the one topic,

First you must realize that in Ancient times and throughout Alchemy being the times of Nostradamus, the Dynamic magnetic Hydro waves of the Red and White rainbows (magnetic portals) also known in alchemy as the Red and White Rose, were known and called, the *snakes* and were refered to, as such, and can be seen drawn as snakes, being magnetic light waves, to help you comprehend, I quote the Australian old indigenous description, of the Rainbow serpents or feather man Bullademia, *Fiery white snakes that look like snakes and move like snakes, makes big rainbows in the sky* from within the mists of the ancient waterfalls, 



Here I show you, that while earth may be small in stature, size compared to the sun fiscally, she in her own rights, given her far superior and much stronger dynamics over and above the suns photons, with her photon light fusion, giving Split photonic power shielding, which is not only a complete magnetic paradigm over the suns power, but 7 times more powerful than the suns radiation and flaring energy, and when it comes to field dynamic size, she is every bit the equal to the suns energy, and so much so, and unbeknownst to the physics world, earth is the dictator and the controller of the suns behavior, and science have got it all somewhat backwards, with there thinking, that we are at the behest of the sun, when *logic reveals its no so*         

Now I stated I wouldn't no go off topic and now show Nostradamus and Robert Fludds 1633 version of the above magnetic field dynamics, as per the past on knowledge and wisdom of Horus from Ancient times, stating the Rose and the above modern depiction are in fact the one and the same depiction of the field dynamics or he ionosphere, now you will also note, that on the veranda, the symbol of the eye of Horus, being if like from Horus's house of knowledge and wisdom, you will also see upon the ground in this etching the four snakes, and that this Rose will, according to Nostradamus will take center of the world stage, which it now coming true, as we are in trouble with the magnetic decline of the northern hemisphere both on ground grid magnetics as well as up in the ionosphere, in regards to the depletion of he Magnetic portals, being the *snakes* or HetrodyHydro elecromagnetic sine waves, as they are all one and the same thing, being the Red White Rainbows are being damaged by the oil and corexit which is killing the mists in and across the oceans, or Hydro mists, that makes the rainbows or magnetic portals that project up and makes the ionosphere and our shields, providing not only our protection but also all our gravity and climate and all weather events, through the magnetic hot spot plumes all across the earths surface, non sop 24/7 for millions of years, the Rose and her petals are the fields of shields, being all white rainbow projections, as the red ones don't go that far, they are all seen to stop at the clouds and seen as rainbows, but the white ones making the rose, are all invisible, but are occurring non stop and are just unseen


This is emblem symbol seen on the veranda of the house in the rose picture

This is how mist is, and was depicted by the ancients, and there symbol for Hydro mists when seen carved in stone or depicted, it dose not depict stars in the sky bu mists or clouds    

Here is the alchemy symbol for the whole lot being the sun (elecromagnetics) the Moon being the (Queen of mists) or hydro mists made by her magnetic convection of the mists out of the oceans, ( now being blocked)*stopped by oil and corexit* being the firmament, the snakes being the light waves or electromagnetic Hydro  sine waves or light waves, that is the sheet of light projected up into he ionosphere that is swept round by earths rotation until the speeds exceed fusion, making the super magnetics of split photonic or Pranic energy, we know as gravity that then makes all the magnetic plumes that makes the atmosphere and all weather or storms and rain events, its also the magnetic tree of life also known as the Red and white Rose or Red and White rainbows or Horus s crowns that beautified the upper and low Nile, the lands of Horus the Promised land

Here are the snakes or light waves dipicted from 2007 now finally found on the stone wall hieroglyphics in Australia along with the pyramid with water tank depicted on top previous post below, see the static glint wave depicted in image that's the sheet of light that is projected upwards into he ionosphere, but if clouds cover this upwards ground projection this light wave is prevented from getting there, and shows you a rainbow terminating the light projection, known as the off switch for the climate or rain event , until is all occurs again   

Now here is the symbol for the two above, plus  includes the wings spread, which represent the fan or sheet of light or the glint wave projection as shown in the one direct above, this is what is meant in all the Hieroglyphics regardless where the wings are seen   

Here it all is spelled out in some what cryptic format, so as to protect the author from being burned at the stake by the religious church, who didn't want this knowledge or wisdom getting out, because it proved they were all frauds, and in history not to long ago we almost had all his data exposed to the entire world, by just one other man, that could have made a big difference to this planet and all its people      


Read his words carefully, Kennedy new the truth, but who was it again, who couldn't afford to let this knowledge and wisdom get out 

And instead now we have this, read his words carefully dose electromagneic waves *ring any bells* 

Oh Horus, I be but a mere mortal, but I am trying to be brave and honorable in the face of thy adversaries, caring, kindness, compassionate, loving, truthfulness  and firmness of conviction, armed with the truth, and that is my pathway, my destiny I to follow      



August 16, 2014


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: WORLDS STRANGEST HIEROGLYPHICS COINCIDENCE: In this world of fake, forgery and Photoshop, the world's most formidable Rainbow physics researcher and explorer comes so close to the...


In this world of fake, forgery and Photoshop, the world's most formidable Rainbow physics researcher and explorer comes so close to the real truth of the Ancient advanced knowledge and wisdom of their technology, its so close and sharp, it could cut you. 

In all the preceding years and posts I have never lead you astray, but given you the best I have discovered and had to offer, with little or no recompense, or ever asked for any, just the pure love of sharing the knowledge I have uncovered which I believe is of the utmost importance to all our futures, it has always been a struggle to place data in the domain and then have people understand it, and realize it is real, and there is no trick or subplot or some scam being worked on your subconscious minds, or in fact money or any gain except KNOWLEDGE

I am going to reveal some images to you from a site I published back in 07072007, where in that site, which is in Google, which until this day has never been reentered, so its original and verifiable so, I am going to show in this post those images I drew of a scientific nature relating to that discovery, which was of the magnetic portals projecting from earth, and that those portals are in fact manifested as Red and White rainbows, which I have explained many times, are not manifested as science would have you believe, and in fact resemble nothing like them, as anyone who has conducted my simple rainbow sprinkler litmus test will testify, that they don't correspond to the scientific theory or postulated description, at all, its proven so  


Now what I show here in drawings from 2007 I will now match with images, that only came to light in 2012 after I spent almost 8 years hunting the worlds Hieroglyphic images looking to find, knowing for my research and work to be correct, that they must be out there somewhere, hidden in a tomb  or temple on a stone wall carving somewhere, and you can imagine the shock and ore when these stone carving rose up out of know where, like a phoenix, and the biggest shock being like a double lightning strike, was they were found in AUSTRALIA , the site being North of Sydney NSW, just north in a remote and hidden place of little repute until 2012 when father and son the Strong family began exposing what was found and images of same, and I couldn't believe my eyes, when a friend and fellow USA researcher a hieroglyphics expert gave me the link.

To this the old indigenous peoples have stories about these glyph s, but as normal, with these people, things are kept very low key, when it comes to the old ways and historical stories, remembering it is the same Australian indigenous peoples that bring you the Rainbow serpents and the Rainbow dreaming stories, and that he was a Feather man Bullademia, which I have some other research in progress that puts Quetzalcoatl also know as a feather-man in this picture, and could well be the one and the same person being Horus, Thoth, as the more we unravel this ancient history the more direct connections that are being drawn, and the realization that traveling great distances or over time, to these people was not a problem            



 Ok this was my King depiction, I knew had to exist somewhere, now remember these drawings are from this time, and the ones in stone  could be as far apart as 25,000- years ago, so don't expect to see identical precise images, but you won't be disappointed in just how close I really am to the heart of the ancient secrets, and remember, these stone glyphs only came to light in 2012, and my pictures come from 8 years ago drawn 2007, never having been privy to the stone hieroglyphics,  and its even more astounding, I am out on my lonesome with all this data, as this the only site world wide on the entire internet , that has this unbelievable evidence, and can put it together and disclose its nature and workings and what is all means    

I have to first explain, that there has never been a pyramid with a water tank on its top, it in fact is a pure Hieroglyphic in every sense of the word, that its to force the viewer, into a corner, where he must think and realize there is something being shown but still hidden because there is missing logic, and the secret answer is the water tank, is at top, but its inside the pyramid, and that's where the water is kept, the kings chamber and the stone block pumps that can still be seen to day, but was never recognized by another single sole 

So here it is the missing link and for perhaps 25,000 years, when someone else was standing in my shoes, who also new the ancient secrets of the gods and time travel, and this is only the beginning of how accurate my work and discoveries of ancient wisdom really was there is more 

This symbol was one of a pair of emblems of a discovery, so large, it dwarfs the worlds  understood quantum Geophysics, and defies the known laws of those physics, and will stand as an acronym for thousands of years to come, as  the the most powerful emblems signifying all the power of  nature, long before any gods came to earth, as these waves are not only light waves or sine waves, they are also earth gravity ground waves, all of which the scientific world has never seen nor understand as they are Hetrodynamic electrodymagnetic Hydro sine waves in an array of four, that alters the dynamics and direction of light coming from the sun and projects it as a sheet of light or glint wave vertical up into the heavens and from horizon to horizon and only magnetic north and south, and 93% of times it's invisible to the naked eye, the other 7% which are visible are seen as rainbows, the only difference being, clouds and no clouds that reveal their presents, these waves at full size are 66.6666 Mt in length, but you can get them occurring very small a wheelbarrow size in your back yard, using just as a part wave, or there of


Here are the Hetrodynamic electrodymagnetic Hydro sine wave array X four, from the stone walls of hieroglyphics as per my scientific symbols of my discovery of them in late Jan early Feb 2007 as depicted above picture from 2012 at near Gosford Sydney

Now this is the second and the twin to the waves, its actually the same image as the waves, only turned 90 degrees, and now looking  south to magnetic north and the four zeros you see are actually the very ends of the same waves you see in the other picture, the waves which in real life size are the hickness of a 44 gallon or 200 Lt fuel drum, and the very wide sheet is now but a thin vertical line, now on its edge, like looking a CD Rom on its edge, but when seen from the East west direction the light stretches from horizon to horizon, but now note I indicated the angle of 120 degrees, and those waves are 9.9999 Mt apart and that thin sheet of light at this full size is only 0.033333 mm in thickness just a bit over the old inch of 25 mm now this anomaly can be tiny like a wheelbarrow, or set or a series of duplicated full wave lengths depending on the available mist or fog at sea level, can be sixty miles across, and occur when you have massive sea fogs on the oceans, and when they go up, the thickness of that line multiples every set of or 66.6666 Mt wave lengths it gets thicker 0.033 mm approx so over sixty miles its meters thick, and boy dose that make a whopper of a rainbow if there is clouds over head 

Now as a mate to the end view symbol there not being one within the glyphs not surprisingly, however I have something much more spectacular to share with you that came from under a smaller pyramid some 10 ks from Giza the whole inside was full of glyphs and then I spotted this master piece, and new straight away what it was, see all the little stars in front of time traveler in the banana shape boat, they are not stars they are water or Hydro crystals depicted, notice anything about there alignment, the vertical line then the line at 120 degrees, he the man in the boat is going into the other world of the forth dimension, or the after life, or some people like to call it heaven, and he is using my discovery and schematic symbols, and the rainbow wave  to get there                    

if you seek out the the videos or youtube bulla the rainbow man lecture 2 and especially 3  that will show and explain to you how all these schematics work in Giza pyramid you will find them all on this site in the archive index in the front 2012 scroll bellow  

  I also include here the original site that further explains the above in 07072007, 

Hetrodyhydro Electrodymagnetic Dynamic4Wave Array

This precedes CERNs postulations of split photonics, as at this time CERN had never been run, or switched on for the first time, and it also precedes NASA, and there claims to the discovery in 2013/14 of  magnetic portals, being another word for electromagnetic sine wave projections from earth which I have now clearly shown you, and a full seven years prior to CERN, NASA in my own rights, and now I have the evidence, and showing it to demonstrate that the Ancients all new about this technological advanced anomaly, and more over were using it, for thousands and thousands of years   


Much of his data without any doubt exceeds that of what has gone before, or been understood, comprehended and explained, and when I say exceeds, that in this world of the  quantum and or physics science alchemy, it is equal to or exceeds Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Plank, even Hermes Tristmegistus himself, and the philosophers of knowledge and wisdom of it, and I am not at all hesitant in saying, this is where mankind's future lies, the Golden age of our time, this is the very break through and the missing link, if you like the real Rainbow bridge that's been purposely hidden from mankind to keep us all enslaved, And I take this opportunity to inform you, there is a massive megalithic new power source hidden within my data, that will be a thousand times bigger than ever imagined and completely friendly to man and all life on earth that has zero pollution and is as Tesla envisaged is totally free 

The power system to my knowledge has never been even postulated, as yet science has yet to comprehend or understand what is known to me, and been researched for some 6 years now, as COLD ATOMIC CRYSTALLOGRAPHY SPLIT PHOTONIC  FUSION POWER, this power and its source, is so harmless, that a mother could give birth to a new born baby while within the power source itself, I also inform you that within this megalithic data package, is also found the very secrets to zero sum gravity, and the ability to travel within generated magnetic fields TIME, which is still not yet discovered to this date by CERN, known to them as the Higgs fields, it also exceeds over unity, it unlocks all mysteries of ancient history, and where religion came from and also gives access to the future




June 18, 2014



Every thing above and beyond us has been found to be electric or magnetic

electric sun 

The sun and its Atomic energy of photons bombards the earth none stop as earth rotates, and in turn every square inch gets its fare share of radiation while being filtered by earth Ionosphere  

Supposed electric and magnetic fields enveloping earth

Then we get this affect that generates the magnetic north and south poles that are independent of each other with a threshold approximately on the equator   

earths magnetic and electrical ground grids 

Then we get this in ground electrical magnetic grid system that's generated in the earths geology that interconnects all across the globe equally distributing the electromagnetism but then we get something unusual happening, that science says they don't know or understand why 

electromagnetic hot spot plumes occurring

Electromagnetic Hot spot plumes mysteriously occurring on the equator predominantly that all manifest in to barometric low pressure storm cells  

electromagnetic peaks of hot spot plumes and grid fluxing

The hot spot plumes can be seen as peaks projecting up from earth surface thousand of miles into the atmosphere like portals of electromagnetics that then have storm activity generated

Electromagnetic discharge in the millions of volts and massive rain and hail

It then follows we get this massive electromagnetic discharge in the millions of volts and hail and rain 

Mysterious portal light displays  

 Then we get these mysterious electromagnetic light shows like portals from the heavens that get any number of different scientific labels that are so varied I have lost count 

End of rain event the rainbow appears 

Then we get this that usually tells us its the end of all the electromagnetic activity and no more hot spot plumes as they mysteriously vanish and disappear , now there is no rocket science here its pretty much all straight forward

Obama and his magical infrared Co2 spotting glasses

Then we get this guy that's telling you to ignore completely every thing above, as its all make believe and that he knows that its the Co2, that costs a lot, because hes got this invisible gas all weighed up into nice packages of tonnes, that he wants to sell cheap, because him and his rich mates have spent a lot of time and money packaging it all up into nice lots, and if you don't buy it, he will garnishee your bank accounts whether you Agree or not, and share the money with the bankers and the Petroleum industry, who are stabbing the coal industry in the back, so as to make them selves into rich and innocent angles that intend to use the extra cash to fracc the planet to death by destroying the underground water reserves, and at the same time buy up all the good land world wide that has good ground water, that wont be fracced for gas, there by generating the newer and bigger cartel of the

WATER BARONS              

May 23, 2014


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: WAS SEEING THE LIGHT HIJACKED: WAS SEEING THE LIGHT HIJACKED This is a subject that I say, was and is, a natural occurrence in Nature  That over time they have intent...



This is a subject that I say, was and is, a natural occurrence in Nature 

That over time they have intentionally blurred, being one of natures semi optical allusions, that both religion and science have manipulated for there own sinister reasons

So I am going to point out where science, still today continues to deceive us in regards to this very natural light occurrence, as to why, is for them to explain.

 Now this goes all the way back to Issac Newton where I say this fraud really began, and its hard to keep science and religion apart at this time in our history, but for the best part of Newtons discoveries came out of Alchemy, then mysteriously, Newton turned on all the Alchemists, and for reasons, I say was all to do with his discoveries of the real, being the real Ancient laws of physics, which is what we should be using today, and the reason all this happened was because, the correct law's of physics uncovered some truths about the church that exposed, that they had turned the entire story back the front so as to enslave and manipulate the population,

The fraud is shown in this depiction of Newton supposedly and still to day perpetrated by science and physics, as explaining how the rainbow occurs and works by using a solid crystal to demonstrate the separation of the colors of white light into the ROYGBIV the 7 colors of rainbow, which in no possible way even goes remotely close to how a real rainbow occurs 

Now here is science actually perpetrating this depicted fraud, by misrepresenting the two completely separate issues, one being the separation of white light into the 7 colors from a hard crystal object, as per Newton above, and then falsely claiming and implying the same must be true for a raindrop and rainbow, which they well try to tell you must be a perfect sphere, being round, and yes, if it were round then that's correct, however, as raindrops fall they are not perfect spheres, and far from it, they are trying to cover over quantum dynamics with a static predicted image, which is not true, and they know it isn't, and its being done on purpose, the biggest fraud and conspiracy engineered and perpetrated by science and the church in collusion to keep the truth, of not only the real laws of physics, but cover the corruption of the church, and the true history of mankind's known Physics and past "hidden".

Now you may well think this is just a very small thing, but when the above is realized, it becomes so massive on the scale of science, it will require the entire laws of physics to be scarped and adopt the correct laws of physics, then as a civilization on this planet we will begin to advance     

Now comes the Naked truth and the Emperor has no cloths, as for 60 plus years science and physics has known, that mist being clouds have an Atomic weight of (6), and that being so, allows the mist to float in the atmosphere deigning the gravity influence, therefore, takes the shape of the perfect sphere, but its also well known and established that when the weightless fragile perfect sphere is subjected to, or struck by the sun light, being electromagnetic or photons

And its shape is completely "distorted and it doesn't remotely resemble the perfect sphere", which as you can see in the picture above is a complete contradiction, further more they all know it is, but this is being done to protect the church, and all the scientific papers published and all there so called mentors of science and physics, that's completely built and based upon a fraudulent lie, which they have cast an illusion over, and even perpetrate this lie upon the youngest of our children, where this dogma is drummed in to the childrens heads, that this is how a rainbow works, so there is nothing more to see here, so move along, Hmm??   

So why are not these rainbow shape and why do search and light house lights not turn into rainbow colors when they pierce the fog and or appear in a rainbow shape, and why is it that they don't publish that below and under every rainbow occurrence there is a massive TeV of 12/14 Plume or magnetic hot spot, of super magnetics within the primordial magnetic grids within the ground on every occasion, or is this secret data, I know how it really works because I follow Hermes Tristmegistus AS ABOVE SO BELOW

But lets not stop there as given these backwards fake laws of physics that we are being forced  feed by all schools and universities world wide, they will turn them selves into knots of scientific babble, to try and explain away this anomaly, this then blows there Newtonian physics out the back door on its ass WOW goodbye Newton 

Now if you thought I was going to leave my good self open to be ridiculed and bashed by the almighty powerful church & scientific fraternities. then you would be wrong, as at the conclusion of all this I intended to submit my "Physics litmus" a fully repeatable simple test that proves, what I say is correct and the fraternities wrong, and its up to empirical standard, and its bomb and bullet prof, so there will be "NO" room left for them to maneuver, with anymore lies, and even Newton will not be able to save them from complete disgrace, and I continue with whats also been distorted by religion, which the very same litmus test also exposes in regards to

And how and where this has come about in biblical times and has become lost in the dogma of the scriptures, and that seeing the light has nothing to do with the church or faith or god, but its nature doing her natural thing


But first I show you what it is not, it was not a bush that caught fire which had flame leaping up from it at all, as the bush was lite up, "yes" but by light not fire and this is what my litmus is going to show you, being you going to see and catch on video for your self the Kudalini flame or the light that lite the so called burning bush   

And that this depiction of that light is closer to the truth, I am sure you will agree once you have spent the 10 minutes to run the litmus test for your selves, and you will see why it was hard to describe, and back then would have been hard to replicate, which to day its not, if your shown where to look to find it, as it is light, so we have to use ways to show you, its there, but you never notices or saw it before and this is the very same light that nature produces from a set of circumstance upon the ground, that then projects upwards in to the sky and its almost invisible, but when it strikes under the clouds of pierces any suitable mist, will distort the mist crystals and then shows you the rainbow, which is all contra to what the church & science would have you  believe 

Here is another example all be its not a good one, but you get the Idea that it was not fire, it was a sheet of light,  that lite the bush, that I am going to teach you how to find and film, but this shows how a bright light, if you were in dense shade and all of a sudden the bright light appears and goes into the tree and lights it up brighter than day light, then this is what your going to see in the litmus  

Now below is a video from my personal research files, that if you look at the sky all the way across under and within  the rainbow ark, you can clearly see a light blur going up until it turns into a rainbow, then out side that is crystal clear blue sky and cloud, and there is another reason why the rainbow appears where it dose and why its shape, as its trapped inside a complete bubble of TeV super magnetic plume or hot spot , or like three eighths of a bubble that's completely round as the rainbow you see, or if you put a big compass with one point in the center of the rainbow, and the other point at the ground where it touches the ground, and then scribe a big circle, then that's the size of the super magnetic bubble, and you can see these magnetically occurring on NASA TeV magnetic imaging satellite

Now this light that's projecting up from the ground is the very same that lite the burning bush, that I am going to show and teach you how to locate and video, and your going to be shocked at what you find, because of coarse this then changes every parameter of physics you ever thought existed, that shows how a rainbow is really made    


 copy Paste,  or see post *Litmus upgraded      December 28th 2013 in archive at bottom of screen


May 15, 2014


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: WHY IS IT THAT SCIENCE IS IN TOTAL DENIAL OF THE P...: Why is it, not just climate science but the world of physics is in total denial of a gravity decline and depletion of the cloud mass T...


Why is it, not just climate science but the world of physics is in total denial of a gravity decline and depletion of the cloud mass


is this dangerous phenomena being covered over by all the climate change rhetoric, and is the real reason for the rhetoric in the first place, to keep the populations of the world subdued, of just how this is all going to pan out, that would send the stock markets into a massive spiral of downward panic, if it were discovered that all the postulated lies and confusion was to keep everyone distracted from the real issue that all climate is totally and 100% controlled by the specific gravity, and the primordial flow of TeV that is drawn from the Van Allen belt, that NASA.the Van Allen belt is failing our protective shields are depleting, and then you are at a complete and total lose to understand why they may be chem-spraying the atmosphere? what do they know that you don't   

And myself flagged back as far as 2007 that I could see this coming, and coming with a vengeance, and I outlined how it was taking shape and how it was going to manifest its self, with more wild and powerful weather like we have never seen and experienced before and rumblings within the geological and Volcanic s, now this has all come to pass, so much so, they have had to invent new names and terms to describe the said events, so out of the norm are they, and what I also forecast was along with this gravity decline would also come cloud depletion on a grand scale a massive scale, due to the Northern hemispheres oceans being turned in to massive atomic sink holes by the Oil and corexit that I said back then was the cause of climate change beginning in earnest, with Exxon Valdez and really taking off with the gulf spill which quiet frankly made me cringe in the corner for hours when I saw what was gushing out as my data had been prepared at that stage on just the Valdez spill without the gulf spill 

Now sooner or later the entire world will be left in no doubts as to the climate changing, and not withstanding all the rhetoric from both sides of the argument, which I say are both totally flawed and couldn't be further from the truth, and so much so that even though clouds are driven up and down by the specific gravity, they the entire IPCC and climate science and the whole Geophysics  fraternity have a complete black out on the subject of gravity even being mentioned as even a possible cause of climate change, so much so not even one scientist has been even game to mention this subject, and so much so its actually very suspicious by its complete absents from any and all debate or even a mention 

Well there is an old saying, "something is rotting in Denmark", and I smell a rat, as its all just to tidy, that not even one oddball scientist, who will, as you know, argue the toss with each other about two flies crawling up a wall 

I am not into giving warnings, but let put the entire scientific fraternity and academia and all government on notice, and let it be noted i said so