December 29, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: BULLAS LITMUS TOTALLY UNPLUGGED: TOTALLY UNPLUGGED LITMUS TEST Following on along from the previous post, so now you have found the light projection in the rainbow litmu...but hay I didn't expect it was going to get this big



Following on along from the previous post, so now you have found the light projection in the rainbow litmus test, or you will at some time run the test, but be assured I wouldn't be on here wasting my time teaching you how to find the rainbow light if it couldn't be found, so until you find it for your self, then I will assume you agree its there, as what I am about to show you may come as a pleasant surprise for the new year 2014 and give you something great to ponder and further research for your selves 

For every rainbow you have seen there has been billions that you haven't seen because they were projected up-sight unseen as there were no clouds over head in the sky to reflect back off and show you the rainbow, so they went up unseen or invisibly, now never let it be said that these invisible or white rainbows cannot be detected because they can,  there are a specific set of visible markers that can be seen by those trained in these markers, and there are also regular rainbows that project up from the same place each time, such as waterfalls ok


Now if you were so inclined and you know a set of water falls that you know makes rainbows regularly then just apply the same viewing principals I have taught and shown you and get your self to the magnetic north or south or if not possible, then use a good set of field glasses  and look for the shaded places along the line of magnetic north south and try to spot the projected fan of light that will be visible on the ground of valley wall or cliff face as long as its making a visible rainbow it will be projecting that light fan, and I am sure many people at home in the garden have seen this in there own gardens with sprinklers projecting strange lights up into bushes or trees onto shed walls fences but never stopped to figure out where it was coming from, so now you know!


But what I want to show you and teach you is this rainbow light is also depicted in alchemy woodcut images, and that this is not new knowlage, its just been hidden from view, now this is a massive issue OK because it is the white rainbow that makes all this planets gravity and it is the very essences of all life, for without this rainbow phenomenon there would be no tree of life, as without gravity there would be no life END OF STORY


And it is this fact that the alchemists tried to pass on and record for prosperity and its only when you understand how the rainbow light works dose the alchemy pictures start to make sense and once you have understood this, the whole phenomenon will explode your whole understanding of mother nature, and its a fabulously beautiful thing to discover, as it will have the effect of removing an invisible weight from your shoulders, setting your  mind free from all restraints, as its like a new dawning of knowlage and understanding that you didn't realize was there all the time, but no one ever took the time nor had the wisdom or knowledge to show you before 


Now here is a wood cut picture and the only thing missing is the sheet of white copy paper, but hay its showing you the very same rainbow litmus test ok


   Now note upon the ground, see the light depicted north and south but nothing      east or west, because from the east and west it cannot be seen but that guy is standing at the magnetic north looking to the south just like You did with your litmus test ok, note the priests walking away as they could see nothing, I could imagine them saying, this guy and his imaginary light force, but little did they know or was it more convenient not to know, dont want to upset the bishops with quantum geophysics  now do we, you could get burned at the stake for such  alchemy nonsense


See the pedestal under the lights depicted well those pedestals held whats called an alchemy bowl that was filled with steaming water just like at king Solomans Temple, so its not a sprinkler but it still has the mists (steam) you better reread what Nostradamus and Robert Fludds 1633 etching of the Rose, its in this blog ok


So now let me show you yet more pictures that is the same as the bulla litmus test 

 Now see the sun and the moon is the Luna queen, being the queen of mist (sprinkler) and the sun is the solar king (electromagnetics) the moon releases the gravity on the oceans that allows the mist and sea fogs (sprinkler) to convex then the sun strikes it makes the rainbow, the sun makes love to the mist and makes red and white rainbows that then project up into our ionosphere and collides with the on coming sun photons makes cold fusion split photonics and there by gives this planet its gravity, which then allows for the tree of life to grow being you and me    

Yes this picture is 100% correct see the king and Queen have joined and are one meaning, the sun and mist (sprinkler) have caused the white rainbow projection and  gravity is made, and yes that's what makes it rain, why is this not all taught at primary schools, or better still why doesn't someone tell Micho Kakuo and the rest of the worlds physicists or indeed the entire scientific fraternity at large including academia      

So how to read this emblem the star is earth (sprinkler) the white peace dove is the light projection that then makes gravity that keeps the peace on earth so the tree of life may flourish

So if I were to write this in quantum physics it looks like this 

Electromagnetics @ nominal lux                  (Solar King)                       


HydroH2o@Atomic (6)    (sprinkler) mist     (the Lunar Queen)

== split photonics (white rainbow)

= specific gravity or E=Mc2 10to16 TeV,W,W,WZ 

= The Higgs boson  and Higgs field equation or the god factor

If this one single post and the above data was a steamroller it would be big and powerfully enough, to flatten the entire world of the scientific fraternity and there fake laws of physics all flatter than a corn chip 


So now you begin to realize the simple rainbow litmus sprinkler test while it may to some, seem like child's play, has a very large sting in its tail that cannot be refuted or deigned, possibly the most simplest yet the most powerful litmus  ever devised on earth that exposes the truth about the real hidden science and the true laws of physics, that is purposefully hidden from our knowlage 

 bulla a true rainbow man and seeker of the  truth  

for more grate alchemy picture  The Alchemy Web Site  






December 28, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: BULLAS SCIENTIFIC LITMUS UPGRADED: NEW SPRINKLER LITMUS TEST EVEN EASIER We have developed yet another litmus test that is ridiculously easy and much easier to conduct, yo... your pathway in life may never be the same again



We have developed yet another litmus test that is ridiculously easy and much easier to conduct, you can also film kudalini flame or light of natures own climate making rainbows, this is the light that lite the burning bush 


In this experiment you will not be making or seeing a full rainbow ok so the light you going make is only a partial rainbow or just one leg of he rainbow and from that partial rainbow your going to capture the light that it projects both to the magnetic north and the magnetic south but from no where else, as this is a magnetically polarized light force, and with this litmus you should see almost the hole sheet of white copy paper light up, you can use anything white as in cardboard or white board but its best to be white  


The sprinkler, the best to use is a omnidirectional or the small rose or cone shaped mister sprayer, they cost a couple of dollars at the hardware store, now for best results I put my sprinkler on the top of a small stumpy step ladder about a meter high off the ground and put the sprinkler on that, use anything to get up a bit higher even an old 5 gallon drum will do 


So you need a bit of room so you can walk round the sprinkler when its running and it must be in full sun and the timing needs to be from sun up and within the next couple of hours as once the sun gets to high up it wont work as well


So ok you have the sprinkler up a bit high and its running and its misting nicely  so no move round and put you back to the sun, see your shadow cast upon the ground, see you head in the shadow, well move round until you head is aiming directly at the sprinkler so ok the sun is directly at your back good, now while looking at the sprinkler put both your arms out now your left arm is pointing to south approx, and your right arm is pointing to the magnetic north approx, also put something on the ground to mark where you were standing as we will want a reference point later 


OK so now following the direction of your right arm and where it was pointing take approx 5 paces in that direction ok but keep an eye at the center of the spay the sprinkler  and staying out the spay at all times at about 5 paces your rainbow vertical leg is going to appear and its going to be very bright and clear and about 300 mm thick with all its ROYGIBIV colors 


Now if you dont see it just take another pace until it appears, you will see it the full hight of the sprinkler spray and if you notice it will have a slight lean to the north ok so you can photograph that if you wont or film it as it will be very visible and clear, you can have as many people as you want as all will be able to see it if the position themselves behind you 


OK now with your paper in hand check where your first position was and you marked on the ground so on  the other side of the sprinkler and spay is WEST so to you right is north move round the sprinkler so you are in the north so when you look back from there through the sprinkler your looking to the south ok 


So now by using your body to shield the paper from the direct sunlight face the paper to the sprinkler and if you have it right you will see the paper while in the shade of your body lights up, you may have to move a bit back and forwards to locate it on your paper so just move slowly and watch for the paper to light up and once you have located it, you can also put your hand between the sprinkler and paper and see the full shadow of your hand cast upon the paper and yet none of the paper is in the suns light as its in full shade and that light is being polarized and projected from the rainbow in the spray and not directly from the sun at all 


Now you can play around with this for an hour or more, but I draw your attention to the fact that the light you have now discovered and filmed is just from one little sprinkler spay rainbow and only from one leg of it, can you just imagine being in the right position with a full size massive rainbow occurrence and then see the strength and size and force of that same light, now you can understand that if that massive light force were to say strike some shaded trees or bushes they would look like they must be on fire, and if I had not shown and taught you as to where and how that light occurs and from where, then you would be some what confused to say the lest, THE BURNING BUSH from MOSES and this is what he saw, and this now also open all the doors of biblical mysteries of the light, or just like you becoming a divine child of enlightenment, because you now know what that light is and where it comes from  


Now with bulla impossibilities done almost on time, but mirrorcals take a little longer  



And I further add the light you found on you sheet of paper if you had a crane that could lift you and your paper up and over that sprinkler spay the light is all the way up and over to the magnetic south as its a polarized "sheet" of light that looks like a Japanese fan or a peacocks tail or a rifle bird, now you can see these birds depicted in hieroglyphics with there wings spread to show you the fan, and I say if you look carefully you will also see the water hen in that same place that means water or spray, and yes they are trying to explain to you in those hieroglyphics precisely what I am teaching you now the kundalini flame 


But hay I am not teaching any religion here I am teaching ancient quantum geophysics like you have never seen or been shown or taught before, and until the Mitcho Kukos and geophysicists of this world get back to the very basics of nature and where they became lost with there make believe laws of physics they shall remain perpetually lost for ever, as the true laws of physics shall remain hidden from them, until the very day that they to conduct this litmus test and become a divine children of enlightenment, and only then will we be able to move on as a civilization that appreciates mother nature for what she provides, all be it mostly unseen                    

bulla totally committed to fixing a broken and lost science                        

December 26, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: 2014 AND MORE TOTALLY INSANE SCIENCE: WILL THIS SCIENTIFIC INSANITY NEVER STOP Well first we have the insane spaying of the oceans with highly toxic dispersant s for oil that...and now this new lot of insanity coming on line



Well first we have the insane spaying of the oceans with highly toxic dispersant s for oil that's caused damage that science turns a totally blind eye to and sees no ill affects at all

Then we have them attacking the atmosphere with chem trailing and spraying yet more toxic chemicals boron and aluminum oxide and who knows what else and pretend its not happening

And if you thought that was enough to drive you totally round the bend with frustration, what with the total insanity complete lunacy and utter madness of the climate science industry 


WELL THEN STAND BY FOR 2014 AND THE TOP 10 CLIMATE SCIENCE  LUNACY CHART STOPPERS WHICH HAVE NOW RE-ENGINEERED THEMSELVES AS "GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL" science, and here is the very latest in there friendly environmental help they wont to give to mother nature to help her recover, or to enslave her or kill it out right, I am no sure which yet, as I haven't had time to check the money trail to see where and to whom it leads to   


Here is link to this madness

 HowStuffWorks "How can adding iron to the oceans slow global warming?"





These people are totally out of there tree I am thinking of getting in touch with Puton and see if we cannot get one of the Siberian gulags reopened as a reeducation camp for these sick climate scientists who are mentally deranged and think they can reinvent the wheel when it comes to this planet its atmosphere its oceans and its underground geology  and mother natures ways 



I am seriously thinking of making some rediscover your brain kits for 2014 and putting a DONATE button in the blog so I can send these reeducation kits world wide to all the universities, "the kit" contains one, 3 dollar fine spay sprinkler and attachment for garden hose along with 2 sheets of white copy paper, that's one as a spare, encase they get it wet the first time, and on the back of one sheet I will print the instructions, HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BURNING BUSH  and become a divine child of enlightenment and how to love nature instead of going to war against it

here is yet another link to the scientific madness, it must be the fluoride in the water or the drugs they are taking 

  Can Controversial Ocean Iron Fertilization Save Salmon?: Scientific American



Please see bulla march 2012 and first post of the scientific litmus test that revolutionizes mans understanding of how nature and all climate works the sprinkler litmus light show the kundalini flame of climate 






And while copyrights do apply permission is given for peer review documentation to be carried out, providing the original source is noted in submission documents, bulla the rainbow man sprinkler litmus 2007 


bulla keeping the eyes under the dots and the tees crossed 


PS dont tell Cern hadron collider about the 3 dollar sprinkler  and sheet of white copy paper litmus test ok or they may get pissed off, as they spent 10 billion and couldnt get as good a results as the sprinkler litmus 

Shuuuuuuush mums the word ok just between us ok 







December 25, 2013






Hypothesis; That at some period in the past planet earth was in a lower magnetic sine wave harmonic, perhaps as much as 25% less gravity than to days (specific gravity), during which time the atmosphere and ionosphere were much larger, and contained  massive amounts of water, and given the low gravity pressure, things upon the earth were as one would expect, also much larger, as in giant people, very large animals dinosaurs, birds were much bigger even trees and vegetation were larger and the weather was much different, a period of no polar Ice caps, and along with this the sea levels were much lower there for we had a bigger land mass, even the seasons would not have been pronounced as in winter or summer 


Now looking at the above there is little argument from science except for one thing, the postulation that this planet and everything on it including its ionosphere Van Allen belt its atmosphere, weather and climate is all controlled by the primordial magnetic harmonic sine wave, being the speed or the magnetic frequency harmonic 


As to how this planet went from one frequency harmonic to a much higher frequency harmonic, now that is the million dollar question and was there someone at the controls of this change, and in the quest to discover a land mark issue that would give us some indication as to a time or a date of this occurrence and over what period of time it took, and to this I see the 40 days and 40 nights of rain as a pivotal point, where by the magnetic harmonic may have taken just a few minutes to have altered its frequency and the climate of earth just followed suit as the increase of say 25% more gravitational field effect would have quickly emptied the bloated atmosphere of all its excess content and 40 days to do so, sounds reasonable and all that water now being upon the earths surface raised the sea levels to there present level today

And of coarse all the bigger animals and pterodactyls  all became to heavy to fly and many, so heavy they would have expired on the spot world wide right were they stood, no look, something is wrong with this postulation as  its making far to much sense, and as to the dates for this occurring all bets are off because I do think that science has made a bloody great mess of all the dates for different things, and the carbon dating, well the very first run on any ladder that appears from carbon dating that even remotely resembles any sort of a dating process is 120,000 years with a plus or minus 80.000 year error factor plus one is never sure which angle they are coming from, and that depends on whose paying now days, so I am not going there, and as we go through this data a date may evolve out of what we can conclude, and even the dates of the pyramids is now all up in the air, as they could be 40,000 years old and some of the biblical stories could have been carried forward from that time 


Not surprisingly Darwin's theory has a bit of a problem across this period as well where it cannot be demonstrated what took place so the door is wide open for other disclosures to come forward or be postulated, so its no like what we are discussing is all cut and dried, because as time goes on what was thought is now unraveling big time, as the disciplines, religious, scientific, academia  lose there monopoly over so called  knowledge published or otherwise due to the access everyone now has at there fingertips with the web 


So to put the premise, that is if this planet can be put up a harmonic in frequency  then conversely it could also revert back down to that original frequency harmonic, so this then would fly in the face of all the postulated views that climate change would result in sea level rise, when in fact if the magnetic decline continues, that I say is taking place then when we hit this threshold of the harmonic and it jumps, as it will do to the next lower oscillation of its frequency harmonic then the sea level is going to decrease dramatically and as a result leave perhaps every sea port across the globe high and dry, as the atmosphere again consumes the polar caps and oceans water back into the atmosphere as we return back to the land of the giants


Now this begs the question, is someone at the controls of this and is this really a war of the gods, as one can observe that some of the ancient gods were in fact depicted as rather large, (giants) and given I have outlined where I say the changing climate and the magnetic decline is coming from and that being the spilling of oil and the added dispersant, and were those spills accidental, and with the gulf spill and Obama's plea to the entire world as to how to shut it off, he makes some interesting comments about adding dispersant and that he new there were likely repercussions from adding those dispersant's


Bulla and the giant dots being joined                              












December 24, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: ROCKING THE DARWINIAN BOAT part 2: part 2 ROCKING THE DARWINIAN BOAT  WHIT/FIELD/SINE/WAVE/ HARMONIC PERIOD The entire work on this site is based upon the litmus test pro...




The entire work on this site is based upon the litmus test provided, see March 2012, however I cannot prove this rocking the Darwinian boat posting nor shall I try, simply to say when I postulate the outcomes based upon the sine wave and the theoretical quantum physics it provides, then what looms out of our darkened history and our ancient past is something rather different than what some others have postulated, and given, they are but all postulations after all, then given that fact and my understanding of the SINE WAVE then I look at what has transpired via fossils and what documented data we have and presuppose a completely different outlook, that being that at a point in time this planet earth underwent a massive magnetic anomaly that I see as a HARMONIC sine wave up lifting and for the purpose of giving this theory a name and that its never been postulated before I have called it 


I would like to say that it is not difficult at all to correlate a large increase in earths magnetic field strength and density to how the planet has evolved, in fact I am rather shocked as to how well the postulation fits so well across all the so called evolutionary changes and regardless from which direction one approaches it, it would indeed be a formidable debate well worth having at some time, and if I may say so very hard to dismiss out of hand, as I could quiet easily and rightfully so, use much of the known data to support the hypothesis and that would include not only quantum physics but also religious scriptures and ancient history 


And if I can also say that the three above separate disciplines fit very nicely within the confines of the theory which in its self is a step forward, perhaps a first in the history of evolution in a world where they seem to be diametrically apposed and great on each other in disagreement, much of which dissipates with this new theory, as I rely upon many documented religious texts to clarify and complement the physics and ancient history, its not a compromise you understand its seeking out the truth from rerecorded records that no one can claim are 100% correct as to add just the translation factors is enough to cast enough room within the documents, given the original document is basically correct, but the precise clarity of the document is left to the reader and if I can add, in the precise time it was written, the situation may well have been different  


To this I must rely upon my litmus test and the light I say you will find within this very small simple but very hard hitting bomb proof test, that science nor religion nor any ancient history can jump over or dismiss it, as its truly empirical, and further if you haven't yet conducted the five minute test and found the light that comes from within the experiment, the amount of truth seekers is growing on a daily basis in regards to this light show litmus that according to science is not supposed to be there 


And once you have found this projected light that's not supposed to be there, then the doors start flying open, as then you begin to realize that a really big rainbow would make a huge light show, much much bigger than a garden sprinkler that has demonstrated to you its there and dose exist and then if that's the case, then if that light were to shine in to say a cave opening or up into the shaded trees or bushes, then yes it would look like it was on firer, as you wouldn't be aware or know where that light was coming from, if you hadn't been shown how to find it with a sheet of white copy paper and a garden sprinkler that makes the rainbow that in turn makes that same light that lite the burning bush 


So in this case my quantum physics fits perfectly within Enoch and a hundred other scriptures that talk about lights appearing on the river crossings in biblical times, where its said people ascend within this light, and yes they are correct, as we now have the quantum physics to prove it, and look, I dont care what the scientific world say or claims, the litmus test is there in your face as its the proof, so that's conclusive empirical and final and a new discovery confirmed, whether they wont to conduct the simple test or not, that's there problem, and I can see they are not going to like it as it means they have to rewrite the known laws of physics, well so be it and not before time 


And now also we have thrown new light upon religion the scriptures and biblical stories where by they are also compelled to now look upon quantum physics instead of a mirror-cal, and I can say "yes" this is the doorway to the heavens but keep in mind that this heaven looks more like being another complete dimension in time in space, which I am sure religion is not going to argue with an empirical litmus test that proves that is now very possible, and I am quiet happy to let them call it a heaven, even to telling me there is a god there, but not being religious myself, but I also must now move ground to also accommodate the data in this discovery 


Could this be in fact the very doorway to the GOLDEN AGE of mankind's enlightenment, a point in our history where we climb aboard this catapult of new knowledge and cut the rope, and are projected into an entirely new world of greater understanding of a much higher level of respect for this planet and one another, as the vale of the dark ages is slowly removed from our eyes and consciousness begins to dawn upon the truth of who we really are and where we have come from 


And all this is only the prolog, wait until I really start drilling down on to the 



December 22, 2013





I see from the response that this subject is of interest, well lets peruse it to the depths of its very existence and like all major scientific endeavors there is always two sides to it, the public image involved in funding such an outlandish project, and the other side that the public never get to hear about, being the nuts and bolts of why its being done, and as per usual never the twain shall meet as the two separate aspects can be entirely different, which in this case that is the case 


Now what I am going to point out, you wont find published because neither of the above public images really resemble what the real under belly of this project is all about, the scientific fraternity just love the secret aspects of there work, as it positions them some where up the ladder of secret knowlage and that's what drives them, its all to do with the EGO and the bragging rights of kudos amongst there own ranks within the guild, but having said that, I know few if any amongst the rank and file who really know themselves, what its all about because just like a military operation its all departmentalized and the left hand is not permitted to know what the right hand is doing, in this case we have a higher hand, a third hand  that is overseeing the pure essences of the entire operation 


Now it will go without say if you have read any of my posts that its all about red and white rainbows and mist and clouds and magnetic hot spots and plumes and specific gravity and magnetic portals that are the doorway to the next dimension, and so there is no confusion NASA themselves have confirmed everything I have posted in regards to magnetic portals and now there latest discovery of coldertrons in the ionosphere that actually make up the Van Allen belt all of which I posted years before there discoveries 


Now take a closer look at the three NASA, CERN bulla the rainbow man, and you will find by and large everyone is on the same page and I say that page  has a main HEADER the predates all and that heading is called the                    RED AND WHITE RAINBOWS

So while CERN is masking there science under the banner of the god factor NASA is hiding there's under the Van Allen belt, while bulla has his feet firmly on the ground and has no prerequisite as to funding from others tells you as it really is because I am not beholding to and fraternity or religion or government or military apparatchiks


But the one common factor they are all after the keys to the portals and weather control, apart from bulla because I have had that since 2007 and the full Monty well beyond NASA or CERN and is the very reason I can comment on this with out fear or favor 


So CERN is a legless plume maker a hot spot maker a gravity maker that has taken NASA colidertrons from the ionosphere and tried to dispense with the natural white rainbow and built them in a cabinet called the colidertron, now there is one major factor in all the endeavors of CERN and that is all to do with why the cloud chamber is in the complex, even though its published its not connected to the colider that's there claim 


I say pull the other leg as it plays Dixie, further I know why its in the CERN complex because there is one factor out of all the unknown factors that they want to find, and that is the key factor that gives one the god factor which they dont yet have, and there is a good possibility they will never possess it because this factor is shrouded in the metaphysical cloak of the 7 charkras  of the gods and its beyond there capacity to enter that realm because while you can tell all the lies you want here on this earth, when you enter this space in time your total mind is laid bare, that includes every thought you have ever had your entire subconscious is wide open, (its Saint Peter standing at the gates) and while your puny ass is claiming to be pure Saint peter is shaking his head saying back you go, you naughty boy 


And of coarse non of this has any logistical scientific rhyme nor reasoning to it and on that account I am sure there is no scientists in heaven, its just not possible, given there laws of the unknown probability


hahahaha I digress, but back to the cloud chamber and what they are really seeking via the hadron colider is they are firing the results of the collision into the cloud chamber that being supermagnetics or split photonics to try to discover what affects it has on the cloud (mist) in that chamber that mist being perfect spheres, and they want to discover the Atomic distortion factors and the shape the mist takes when bombarded by said super magnetics, which if you haven't yet guessed its bullas distortion factors of the Hetrodynamic electrodyhydro sine wave array and the Atomic crystallography and here it is yet again this is what they cannot find published prior to CERN

This is what they are all hunting for, and enter another player in this hunt for the keys to the gods, Stanford university chistyakov.dvi - chistyakov.pdf  

 And the discovery of spit photonics, and I can tell you that Stanford is giving the US patents office a work out over this issue and patents are flying thick and fast as I new they would be, but still they don have bullas data the Atomic distortion factor of hydroH2o@Atomic six over Electromagnetics @ nominal lux  that's bulla equation for the distortion factor, which I say look carefully that's what CERN is all about, my equation they are one and the same thing only as we began this post, things are not always what they appear to be as different organizations mask what they are doing using the three hand principals of division of secrets being kept as they are all about patents and profit 


And now let me point out some more very strange anomalies, given you can see very clearly we are all on the same page as to whats involved CERN NASA Stanford uni all very well informed about how the rainbow works and yet do any of the above have any reservations as to a gravity decline caused by the spilling of oil and dispesents and the mist being killed of from the oceans and the result being a decline in white rainbows there by a declining gravity field on earth and the failing ionosphere because of it 


Hmmm it appears not one bloody word is mentioned but you can clearly see the linkage that they do know about it and only NASA has had the balls to mention it, and good on you NASA keep up the pressure as it appears CERN thinks there is more value in the patents office than a planet that's still habitable and while CERN keeps manipulating the funding and postulating a much bigger colider @ 10 TeV hahaha you might spend the money and keep your jobs but I bet your never game enough to turn it on again, may be you should employ 5000 Harichrishners  or Tibetan monks to run the hadron who can enter the charkras and steel the crystallography when the gods are not looking   NOT 


Bulla and if you can only find grammatical errors to complain about, then please feel free to correct them at your leisure   


And very interesting comment there Betty am still contemplating that into a format that may well make some further sense, as there are some still underlying factors that require answers, I might run the brainwaves over that work and thanks for that Betty, nice to have you up on the commanders deck clear space ahead as we have navigated round all the comets, just as well one of us knows how to drive hahahah and merry Christmas to you and to all my readers stay safe over this time and we will see you all in the new trajectory, as it looms out of the darkness of the unknown mind with yet more truths to divulge and digest                























December 21, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: CERN HADRON COLIDER WEATHER MACHINE:  CERN HADRON COLLIDER IS A WEATHER MAKING MACHINE The Hadron is in major trouble, that's my view because they didn't understand ...



The Hadron is in major trouble, that's my view because they didn't understand the dynamics of just what was entailed in opening a time in space portal or vortex, they totally under estimated the human interaction it would have, and they new where they were going and were expecting it because they publicized the fact, they were expecting to encounter another dimension, and I say they they did, and I say it scared the living daylights out of the entire team of physicists and all staff, that's an educated guess of coarse, but I say it was that encounter that lead to the emergency shut down, it would have been so scary psychologically wise, they wouldnt of been able to turn it off fast enough 

"This is your captain speaking, all crew abandon ship, man the life boats"  


All jokes aside, To enter such a space one must be totally pure of mind and be ready to pass through the seven charkra levels from this physical world to the metaphysical world, but being scientists they would have been pure skeptics to a man, I had several attempts at trying to warn them before they even switched it on, and they only had 5 TeV of power, but what the hell would some old mad professor and recluse know about our 10 BILLION dollar toy 


Well Unknowns to CERN that mad old reclusive professor had his own door opened in 2007 @ 10 TeV level, some 5 years prior to CERN, but I new how to stay clear of the Dynamic wave structure that occurs, and there is a much bigger problem as its not the getting into and through the doorway, its getting back out, and surly some one at Cern must of read Nostradamus and his accounts of entering such a portal, as he makes it very clear as to the fear and dread that is encountered, and being skeptics and without a guide


And so you all understand we are dealing with the exact same forces that prevail within the Bermuda triangle and a little research in that direction about all the missing people that some how vanish, well I can tell you now they are not past on they are still all in existence, only in another dimension, now if you were thinking old bulla is out of his tree over this issue, then let me refresh you knowlage and NASA latest finding of colidertrons in the ionosphere then NASA discovery of magnetic portals projecting up from the lite side of earth, hundreds of them and its a non stop continuum or a continuous array of rainbows both red and white across the lite side of earth that has been running for millions of years 


There is your white rainbows and portals and like Hermes said as above so below and that's where all my split photonics and magnetic portals and complete dynamic speeds of the entire sequencing  came from,

was my own research and discoveries in 2007 here is my scientific symbols for that equation and your looking at the white and red rainbow sine wave schematics now its the sine waves you see in the schematic they are Hetrodynamic electrodymagnetic hydro sine waves and the ancients call them the  snakes  and or the indigenous peoples of Australia called it the rainbow serpents (snakes) they describe as fiery white snakes that move like snakes makes big rainbows in the sky, because that's what they do and look like, so the traditional tribes people we correct and accurate as I was told the stories in 1975 


It took a total of 7 years researching before making this discovery in 2007 and in the beginning I though it was a new discovery so fabulous beyond my wildest dreams until I documented those symbols above and something in the back of my mind told me I had seen them before, and I had some 20 years ago published in a National geographic magazine as unknown Hieroglyphics from some ancient temple or pyramid, well not any more they are not, and then I realized that I had only rediscovered very ancient knowlage and wisdom, but however discover it I did, and in my own rights, straight from the very same source as the ancients themselves did from mother nature, as its original knowledge not from anyone else s papers documents or published works 



So perhaps you will understand why I say what I do, because I have the original source codes that then allows me to cut through the hysteria and dogma of science, religion and academia and ancient history and without fear or favor of contradiction, as I have seen no other original source code from any one or anywhere, and having this code gives me a masters doctorate in nature philosophy with no peers and that subject is quantum  Geophysics and Atomic optics that's well in excess of any scientific fraternity masters or senor professors on the subject 


And to this, knowing full well there would be the tall poppy knockers and the pompous professors who would challenge what I publish as "preposterous" and indeed they lived up to there so called academic superiority complex they all suffer with, and yes as expected I am a mad old professor crack pot, and that is why I designed the scientific litmus test, the simple garden sprinkler and the one sheet of white copy paper and a "bomb proof king hit" test that can be conducted by grammar and 2 five years old children right in the own back yard, that gives you 100% proof as to what I publish on this subject is correct and even more exciting is what you find is the light that lite the burning bush, plus its also the kundlini flame and its the very same flame that Nostradamus says comes out of the mist, its the very same light spoken about in all the scriptures and Enoch and the bible and its what CERN hadron colider people are looking for, called the god factor 


So is there something  that people are not understanding here, as I was a magnetics patent holder, I know the value of all this better  than the biggest patent lawyers on the planet, I could apply for 500 patents and get them, but then you have missed the point of having such precious knowlage and wisdom its to important to all of mankind, this entire civilization as a whole, and it was for that reason I published it to the public domain, out in the open so it couldn't be patented, its just to important to do such a thing and lock it away for military weapons or the ruling elite to squander  


The biggest thing that leaps out at you with this knowlage is why climate change and it gives the answers to fixing it, so if you have been reading my posts you can be assured what I say is on the highest levels of understanding and I don't say it lightly, as I am using the primordial code that governs all life's existence on this planet, so really you wouldn't expect anything less from me, and why I am at times so outspoken on different subjects, as I see much of science going in the complete reverse direction from where the truth will be found, and that frustrates the living hell out of me, but they cannot be told anything, as they are so badly brainwashed with a hundred years of academic published books that are nothing but other peoples postulations that has taken  humanity on this earth absolutely know where, and they are not alone as religions have played there part in distorting the real truth, and the Vatican stands up to there neck in it all as I believe they do have the Mayan codices, and have been keeping it all secret while manipulating the population for profit and greed and control as they enslaved the populations


And this is where all this one world order and  government and ruling elite has been spawned from, and as far as this aninarkii  lot are concerned there just a mob of imposters pretending to be someone there not, and far from it, working on the gullibility of innocent people, for there own ends 


Now look I am not a religious person and nor do I except the atheist pigeon holing, that's going on, or you Ether with us or your against us bullshit, that's just a load of ruling elite spun bullshit to try to divide the people, but listen I can tell you this that comes out of this rainbow knowledge, there are some other people that given what I understand are returning to this spectrum of time and they are the masters of physics and its the very same kind compassionate  person that was known as god before any bible times 


Bulla I hope they return very soon as this planet is in some deep trouble and it appears no one here cares enough to do anything about it                                                                      












 You might like to see the magnetic hot spots and plumes in action but it seems to have become very difficult now to find live data, as it seems to have vanished from view, as to the plume data that's recorded but now not available on the net, however I have tracked down some of it to show you 


Firstly let me refresh your memory of my previous posts as to what occurs when you get a white rainbow, and it makes a gravity plume or hot spot on the earths surface, this then for some period within that hot spot plume, which as I have explained can be massive and can occur several times over several days so depending how big the events are to what can happen, but in all cases you get a high specific gravity within the plume, this then makes all the geology within the plume heaver, and if there is any  tectonic plates or fault lines that were fragile before the white rainbow even then they will show up as earth quakes or volcanic activity as well as massive weather events


And to prove my point here is an example that I found that shows you jut that and a french magneto satellite captured this data 



Now I have been using this data for 6 years to forecast serious weather events in Australia and to our north for cyclones and all using the magnetic hot spot and plume data and also tracking the live grids that result from such an occurrence, some of which can take up to 3 to 5 months to trickle through the grids and causing havoc and massive drops in temperatures and high rainfall and flooding, I have stopped publishing this data as there seemed to be little interest from science or academia or the media even though my forecast some months prior we show after the event to be accurate, so in this world of scientific advancement its not what you know its who you are and who you know


And in the peoples observations prior to events animals acted funny and low ground hugging fogs, Ho dear not HydroH2o@Atomic 6 over Electromagnets I mean we have every thing nailed down we have the NASA portals we have the NASA colidertrons in the Van Allen belt, we have Stanford university and split photonics we have Detmeter satellite showing the hot spot plume prior to quakes 


So why is the scientific world still claiming they have never seen or come across, with all there research and billions of research dollars and all the aircraft observation and all the mariner reports all the way back to Christopher Columbus himself in his own ships logs with witnesses records the dynamic electromgnetic hydro waves that makes the "white rainbows" that then causees a collision, causing  cold fusion in the ionosphere that then returns to earth as hot spot magnetic plumes and gives our planet its gravity as per Hermes clearly outlined  AS ABOVE SO BELOW 


And yet all this goes totally unseen by science and academia, well I DON'T BELIEVE YOU and the only thing I can come up with is, they are trying to stop this planet and its peoples from advancement by withholding the knowlage and the wisdom needed to do so, and or are pandering to the Vatican 


Like I have said, what fool would believe that one could keep an intelligent informed population suspended in a perpetual lie spun by the Vatican and others pandering to it for hundreds of years if not thousands of years while the whole time, millions of people die from lack of clean water and power and the lack of health care and sustenance, and the perquisite of family planning, meanwhile we have the minions living high on the hog 


bulla and that's why I speak out as the data to move on from this dark age the iron age, is being withheld, to attempt to keep the people enslaved                                  




December 20, 2013






Now just in case you were thinking I was a crabby old grouch, there is very good reasons why I get pissed off with what I see, as there is some fabulous absolutely mind blowing technological advancements that we should have all ready stepped in to, when the entire world is on its knees looking for ways to innovate our self out of this oil, coal and hot atomic dilemma that us older people allowed to go ahead back when, its hard to get away from the rich and famous as its like a disease they get, then cannot help them selves and the first thing they learn is the smooth spiel to say one thing while really meaning another, and its become an  epidemic of lie tellers 


So whats behind all the spin, well its so large the oil, coal and hot atomic people would or should be shaking in the boots, because right around the next corner is not cold fusion, but split photonics cold fusion, and just by using crystal atomic refraction  that means no moving parts at all, no fuel in at all, and endless inexhaustible power out, and seven times the electromagnetic force power of the suns photons 


And I didn't go to any spin school, this is a very solid plausible quantum atomic optics way of looking at power generation, now before long I am going to have all the experts crawling out the wood work telling me they new all about this issue, and my first question to them will be, so where were you when I was trying to get the real technology about the rainbow knowlage out into the public arena


Its like this, very few people want to walk the hallowed ground, the world of science wont go there because they are such kudos hunters, that all have there personal scientific reputation (as if ) that they don't want to take the risks, and then there is the reputation of the university then there guild, then the Vatican then the Military apparatchiks, I am really surprised we have the web  and or computers, but then look what they have learned to milk from the system, I don't even want to go there.


But look surely there is more to life on this planet than weapons computers pornography phone sex , and drugs and or being rich and famous 


The generation catapult awaits with more mind boggling technology and with out any of the above, this power generation system is going to revolutionize mankind, and excuse me, but are the words "free power" some sort of dirty words are they, is there some law been written that says we cannot work towards free power, would you like to point out the people that say we are not permitted to have free power or design or develop a free power source and totally 100% pollution free that's no omissions at all, NONE 


When this all breaks open there are going to be truckloads of scientists jumping on the band wagon of cold fusion crystal atomic power and let me tell you who I think will lead the charge in to this brave new zone of power generation, I think it will be STANFORD university as they have publish the key findings on this subject, now myself I have been working on split photonics for several years within the crystal dynamics and all my work was within the crystallography atomic optics of the sapphire, its my claim that the Sapphire stone is the magnetic genius crystal on earth and that I believe lead Stanford to change crystal research in to the Sapphire crystal as that's where my research gave me the Atomic dynamic  refractory factors required to even postulate and to make a crystal generator 


OK so you say, Ho yes bulla we have heard you speak before for many years about this sapphire crystal generator, and I say, yes you have and you didn't believe one word did you, because I was the only one who had data on the splitting of the photon which I got from researching the rainbow that science claims doesn't exist, but hang on this year we get whacked with this data and new discovery 

    chistyakov.dvi - chistyakov.pdf being Stanford universities   world class discover of spit photonics, and I have been told, after switching to sapphire crystals 


Ho dear, the pail bloodless faces of the tall poppy knockers and the non believers have had to put there tails between there legs and skullick of back to there corr-adores of mumblings and bubbles rising in the water coolers 


Ok ENOUGH GLOATING hahahahaha, but its not a popular road, choosing the hallowed ground and it comes at a cost to those that dare to be different and pushing the frontiers of whats up ahead, and yes we do cop a lot of scorn from the ones who prefer the armchair professor methods of steeling and plagiarizing the younger ones, get up and go as there coming through 


And to this I am sorry but the scientific fraternity is in a bad way and they really don't have a lot to be waving flags about, 67% are involved in making weaponry   and I am pleased I am not involved at all with science as I am not a scientist but a Nature Philosopher who specializes in Geophysics and quantum atomic optics of electromagnetics, and without fear or favor I have demonstrated over the years of my research and its now shown by others that I had a very good grasp on the subject when others refused to go there


So let me brief you as to this split photonics and where I have always understood it would take us, unlike when you split other things like the ATOM ok when you split the photon it replaces itself with a complete full size photon so now you have 2 photons so you split those 2 and you have 4 then 8 , 16, 32,  so you have this light splitting OK so a billion turns into a trillion and all this in one tenth of a nano second and its field force is seven times that of the oncoming suns photon, its the Walt Disney s broom sticks 


Now the thing to grasp here is mother nature is doing all this non stop and your walking in it now, the trick is, we didn't know it was here, Tesla may have known it was here, but you do know that SIR Isaac Newton was madly in love with rainbows pyramids and Solomans Temple and I think the scientific fraternity and the power brokers frustrated him to distraction, and HO what a shock for them, the scientific fraternity to discover, Isaac what a full blown ALCHEMIST

bulla You naughty boy Newton studying all the alchemy in secret, which is where all the knowlage came from, its a pity science don't go back to alchemy, as they might actually learn something, apart from making weapons and applying  for funding grants, but I guess your getting what your just deserts      







December 19, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: WHO IS IT HIDING ALL THE KNOWLAGE: NOT ONLY WHO IS IT HIDING ALL THE KNOWLEDGE BUT WHY Now that is the million dollar question, the next question I have is if I have this ...



Now that is the million dollar question, the next question I have is if I have this data who else has it and then why don't they out it, I know others have the data because I have seen bits and pieces of it on the net, I have seen a full schematic back in 2007 put up in front of me of the full rainbow continuum, but now cannot relocate that data


I am sure of one thing, there is a concerted effort to continue to conceal this data, however in the last 2 years we have seen a lot come out that was previously undisclosed or it was kept under wraps much of which confirms what I have been outlining, and I know there is a hell of a lot more to come out and just how the scientific fraternity manage to negotiate that back flip will be up to them, and they can cry all they like, that they have had there hands tied behind there backs the whole time by politics,  and that's why we haven't seen one ounce of truth since 1940 on the subject of rainbows, which I understand that the population don't understand that the entire essence of all our history and who we are is all based on the red and white rainbows


That is the million dollar question, and whose decision was it to hide it all in the first place, for what reason was it all withheld, because in the 1500s it was alive and well, you can see that by the documented woodcuts and alchemy it was all bubbling to the surface back then so what happened to bury it all 


Well I think I know who it was that wanted to keep it all buried , was it the Vatican and the black Jesuits who run it, I think so because if all this rainbow data got out and the real history of the planet exploded on to the now web the Vatican and the black Jesuits would be finished as a the main power broker and it is they who the scientific fraternity are frightened of not so much politics but the Vatican which in-turn dominates politics and runs the scientific guild or fraternity, and while they claim the rest of the population to be so much flotsum and jetsam under there scientific feet and that they are so superior to every one it is they that are the sheep that follow along behind.


No, goats that have cow towered to there empirical masters and for that  privilege, have  now been put on the money and funding drip feed of the military who are also up to there neck in corruption and are also involved in this conspiracy to corrupt the entire worlds truth and understanding of its history and its future, but hay what fool would be thinking that this deceit would be perpetuated in time, I mean there is going to come a time when its all going to implode, and I do think that time is now


bulla perhaps some exploding dots here                     

December 18, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: CLIMATE CHANGE GIZA PYRAMIDS: SO WHAT DOSE GIZA PYRAMIDS HAVE TO DO WITH CLIMATE CHANGE bullas theory of evolutionary change in specific gravity, the challenge for the ...



bullas theory of evolutionary change in specific gravity, the challenge for the truth

Well I believe that in the past we may have been in the grips of a similar climate scenario and that it was the construction of the the pyramids that pulled this planet out of a gravity warp and decline from a low harmonic to a higher harmonic, and that it was this period that in changing the harmonics to the higher level that saw the sea level rise to where it is today   

There will be many that at first glance see this above suggestion as crazy however when one looks for a reason as to why we have all these intact cites and roads under sea level and then you try running the logistics over the earths subsiding, or lots of separate earth quakes all round the world, all at the same time and all the cities in those earthquakes all going down in ground subsidence to approximately the same levels across the world, then you begin to realize the ocean rising is not the crazy suggestion that you first thought it was, as the earthquake theory just goes out the window as logistically an impossibility


So then when you go looking for where did all this extra water come from, well if we were in a lower harmonic of specific gravity lets postulate 25% less gravity then the entire atmosphere would have looked very different and perhaps many times its present size, and given the Atomic weight of cloud would have released a lot more moisture into this expanded atmosphere, and when the frequency was enhanced then all that excess atmospherics condensed on to earths surface, and I go even further, and say that's what all the forty days and nights of rain was all about, and before you go dismissing this as preposterous then check some logistics of dates and you will be bowled over as to how many start all adding up to that timing 


And I go even harder than that, and  I say it was all engineered that way, and its OK if your not able to see it all that way yet because it dose take time to contemplate all the logistics, and just to get your head around how the rainbows work let alone come to the realization that the Giza pyramids was purpose built  to not only duplicate mother nature but to magnify its affects and when you realize that these people back then were very much the master of time and space just to listen the Carl Munck   ▶ Carl Munck - The Code - YouTube  you begin to realize how much knowlage and wisdom these people realy had 


To this, in this world I have exppearanced that some things can seem impossible, until your shown, "how its done", when you have the primordial mathematics and the schematics of how a rainbow red and white are made from beginning to end and the complete cyclic format then the rest of earths hidden secrets begin bursting like soap bubbles as they all begin to interlock as the feasible begins to over run the impossible as you grasp what Hermes really meant by AS ABOVE SOME BELOW, his meaning it literally practical quantum Atomic optics and Geophysics, there is nothing hidden in his words to try to interpret, he is talking about how the rainbows make gravity by projecting up into the ionosphere causing a cold fusion collision and then that supermagnetics wanting to discharge back down to earth causing gravity plumes, magnetic hot spots there is the AS ABOVE SO BELOW and like he says dose gravity not pervade the soft and the hard and all the dross in the belly of the earth and in its winds, yes and dose not gravity nurture the earth


And the only thing that stops you getting your heads around all this fabulous knowlage and wisdom is that the scientific fraternity teach the very primordial mistaken belief of how they think the rainbow occurs, and to this I am beginning to believe there is some sinister reason they lead people astray and continue to perpetrate this gross misleading idiosyncrasy and complete rubbish and that is the very reason they avoid bullas litmus sprinkler test, as its just to confronting and it also means they would then have to totally rewrite the known laws of physics 


And then everything begins to add up correctly chronologically and logistically and begins to all make sense and given you then understand how the real rainbows are made then I show you this video that I say how GIZA really works 


please bare with us as we are experiencing a little bit of shurcannery as to posting our own videos in this blog Hmmmm we will have it rectified shortly     mean time here is a link to the video


Bulla The Rainbow Man - Lecture 3 - YouTube

being bulla the rainbow man lecture 3 and its only short ok thanks  










BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: Google and bloggers

BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: Google and bloggers: MOST  FORBIDDEN AND SECRET SITE   with out doubt bulla the rainbow man site is without doubt the most secret and hidden site in the his...

Google and bloggers



with out doubt bulla the rainbow man site is without doubt the most secret and hidden site in the history of mankind's technological advancements 


Its so secret that if your not personally invited to this site then it is impossible to find it, so much so you cannot even accidentally stumble on the site such is the security surrounding whats outlined on the site, as we cannot have the common person who thinks they can get on the internet and discover the real truths about our history let alone about our ancient history 


Ho heavens forbid no, the powers that be cannot have that happening, and yet here we have GOOGLE and BLOGGER throughing the hands in the air saying 







Given Newtons passion was for Giza pyramids and also King Solo-mans Temple and when you unravel the conundrum he left us with which reads 


**Grind the stones so there is no beginning nor end and it will give you the snakes that will show you the steps that you can climb**


Now when I unraveled the above it read** Giza is built of ground stones and given its pyramid shape it has no beginning nor end, and it has the snakes and inside it has the step chamber and the steps so large one indeed has to climb them ** I say that Newton did know the secrets of Giza and that it was built as an artificial water fall to reproduce mists that then produced red and white rainbows Giza was the equipment that was making the rain in the promised land by artificially copying nature, and I post my video of how I say that was accomplished at the end ot this post and you decide yourselves ok 


And to go a step further with king Solomans temple when you research it you find it was built as a one big boiler house to produce steam (hydroH2o@ Atomic, its even stated in the the recorded history to celebrate the completion of Solomans  temple it was filled with CLOUD Hmm 


I am sorry to drop the big question on you, BUT whats that all about filling the temple with mist, I know precisely why myself, I am just challenging your understanding of what these super advanced peoples of the time new and I am saying that I know what they were doing and how and why, I am just trying to point it out to you my readers so we can all climb up on the same page of awareness instead of this dumb down version we seem to be suckered with in this so called technologically advanced times they keep trying to tell us we are happily living in, and supposedly religion is suppose to be this happy back drop that looks after the meek and the mild the weak and the sick and the intellectually challenged, which it doesn't


I guess  my real question is, who exactly are the intellectually challenged when you have all this data put in front of you about rainbows that is now so explicit and forthright in your face right down to a scientific litmus test that allows  you to discover for your self the kundilini flame and take a video of it, that still even when fully confronted by our super advanced past they prefer the scientific fraternities version of events  


I do think that it comes down to peoples aptitudes and how willing they are on a personal basis to research and discover themselves and the rest, well there just going to say NO WAY regardless of the evidence you show them             

December 16, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: CLIMATE THE TRAIN: THE CLIMATE DENIERS WORST NIGHTMARE I fail to understand how this site doesn't go down in overload of to many hits on the site, or m...



I fail to understand how this site doesn't go down in overload of to many hits on the site, or may be I do know why it doesn't as perhaps it has to much truth within its published data 


I am going to republish a 1 hour bulla chat that was published on Chani and I would like you all to note a few factors about this audio it was recorded before NASA discovered the magnetic portals, it was also before NASA published the colidertrons in the ionosphere, it was also before CERN Hadron collider published there postulations on split photonics, it was also before Stanford University published there discover of split photonics, all of which science did not comprehend at that time, but Ho how things can change in such a short time, when you have people who are willing to stand up and be counted 

And to this all the bulla detractors, will all now have to eat there words as what we stood for was the TRUTH and we have been exonerated by the largest research and discovery institution on the planet and proven correct 


And for those that think bulla seeks kudos as per the scientific fraternity then my question to you is, if that was so, who the hell is bulla, you totally miss the point its the knowlage and wisdom for the world at large not whose knowledge it is, its the collective results of it, that we can then use to guide our civilization into a cohesive and correct direction that actually gets results that are not directly connected to someone else s profit


Ho god forgive me that someone cannot make profit out of knowlage gifted to us all via mother nature, please take note this is a free to the domain site and there are no donate buttons or and soliciting for funds of any kind or description         

I take this opportunity to correct the audio Exxon Valdez date as not 1986 but 1989 however there has been many oil spills prior gone unseen or documented 


the video is publish above its an audio that will explain the red and white rainbows 

December 15, 2013


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: critical access DENIED: CRITICAL ACCESS DENIAL In this world of money talks and conman sense goes out the window with the baby, along with the tub and the wate...

critical access DENIED


In this world of money talks and conman sense goes out the window with the baby, along with the tub and the water and the baby, and hell lets just dispense with the whole window all togeather 

In my years of running blogs here in blogger and also many other places, some I find of disrepute and I refuse to participate any longer in there corrupt world of media that underneath there outward looking image of being there so one can if one desired express a view as to your views,  the for me the collective good or the common good of mankind's on going future and existence with the wish that it take place with as less pain and anguish as possible  


And yet I find that the pathway of the so called rich and famous the media mogles the ones who are not singularly responsible, who sell there own soles on an every day bases for there salary and make no quarms about that fact its a job ok, I understand that ok


But when people who have critical data that's very important to the ongoing primordial existence of who and why we are all here in the first place, who wish to put there case forward on a non profit bases for  and on on behalf of that collective thinking of good and whats right regardless of how much money someone is going to make from the deal, and because whats perhaps being said by that person may have some affects upon the ones making the profits (money) then the media respond in many different and selective ways and try to justerfy there actions, by saying, will we are not obstructing anyone having there say and yet 


A little bit further up the line in the mechanization of the web tech close the doors of all exposure on a normal basis, in essence shut the iron curtain down upon any normal nutrition of natural exposure for that persons views or comments or blog site, and all the time being able to say, well its not us holding your site back from exposure, all the while they have the iron door slammed shut on your site 


bulla Hmm I must be a naughty boy and say naughty things as I have run my own logistics on this blog and I smell a rat as to its numbers over the years, so get the fuck of the hand brake and let the lion lose 


And look this shit isn't going to go away its here to stay and we must begin to deal with it   25 Years After Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Company Still Hasn't Paid For Long-Term Environmental Damages | ThinkProgress            


BULLA THE RAINBOW MAN: WAR ON THE SUN AND MOON: HAS MANKIND FINALLY PULLED THE PLUG ON HIMSELF Here are two pictures showing you mankind in the process destroying his own existence on t...





Here are two pictures showing you mankind in the process destroying his own existance on this once beautiful blue planet

What you about to read is some critical data that's being obscured and hidden by all en-sundry, by government, by the scientific fraternity, by academia that has more than just the potential to be the most wickedest conspiracy in the history of mankind's existence on earth 

CLIMATE CHANGE  began in earnest on the 24th March 1989 with the EXXON VALDEZ



 You can set your climate change clock to this day near enough but there has been an ongoing of oil spillage across the oceans but the real war of the gods and real Armageddon began the day they used corexant to disperse the visual effects of the oils spills, and that very day that oil was made soluble was the very day we signed not only the oceans and its life but also own death warrants 




In the previous post I explained in detail how fragile and delicate the convection of the mist was coming through the oceans surface tension, that then makes sea fogs that allows the white and red rainbows to occur makes our gravity that in turn makes it rain, these sea-fogs and other fogs when warmed up by the sun lift up and ascend into the upper atmosphere and become our cloud mass ok where its no surprise we get our rainfall from so there is our mother natures cycle of event 


Now lets look at the same sea water with oil and corexant giving us a totally soluble sea water corexant and oil mixture


Now we all know that oil floats on water the Atomic weight of oil is much lighter than sea water the ocean having approx 13% salt makes the oil even more buoyant than say in fresh water, and regardless of how much chemical corexant you add to the oil its still lighter than sea water, so now when one adds the atmospheres as in pressure as one descends down under the ocean the buoyancy factor of the oil soon doubles and multiplies, so the false belief that the oil has spread out through he entire depth of the oceans water is not possible 


Instead this soluble oil floats in the very top layers of the oceans surface as the oceans pressure sees to it that it dose, corexant oil water mix cannot deify gravity, now this soluble oil is very hard to see in turbulent water, waves etc etc however when mother nature tries to work her magic over the surface and makes it flat like a mirror, her doldrums periods and tries to convect her mists, sea fogs what happens ??    


Here is what happens, as she convects the now part water part oil part corexant its arrives at the surface but instead on continuing it reconstitutes back to an oil and becomes a micronized film of oil that covers the entire glassed out surface zone and when it dose it locks all any any mist convection from then on out of the equation 


Now this is where the rubber meets the road and the equations start getting frighting when one calculates the amounts of oil spilled and then corexant to water volume given this now soluble mix only infects the top say 200 mm of sea water causing the infection, then just how far could this insidious infection spread, its a bit scary as since March 1989 Valdez spill is still spreading add to that the gulf spill which is still speading


Then the spill of the Irish or Sottish coast and now mysteriously London's fogs have been said to have gone and England is in a drought 


So now where ever this infection spreads to the SOLAR KING & LUNA QUEEN ARE DEAD  AND SO IS THE MAGNETIC GRID SYSTEM


So what are the repercussions, well this could continue to spread for another 1000 years or more as to what its going to do in the short term its going to pull down the very fabric of climate as we new it, and we have already began to go in to the gravity decline, this then has a direct effect on the ionosphere, which  has already been identified, as there is a major problem up there flagged by NASA this will then lead to Vulcanism  and massive earthquakes as the gravity depletes, the wild storms and weather never before experience are all part of this new equation we have bought upon our selves, and science is remaining closed shop over it all


And it gets worse, as now when any rain falls and goes into the said infected  oceans. it being a massive one way plug hole, it cannot return as fog, to then become cloud mass so we are also in a cloud mass decline


So now where are all these highly payed climate scientists hiding, and if they would take some good advice, then stop spaying any and everything into the atmosphere as you are but hastening the detrimental effects and compounding them and making it worse 

10 million climate engineers and so called scientist PHDs and not one of them has bothered do do he sums or has the balls to speak out ?you weak bastards 


Bulla they couldn't reverse engineer a kids peddle car let alone tackle the real climate and whats making it into a climate train, mean while climate engineering has its head up its own A** and trying its hardest to make the train go faster by using jet engines and spaying on it, the complete utter insanity and total madness of there actions never ceases to totally bewilder common sense and logic, but I guess that's what you get when you follow the money trail, so the question is when you have got all this money just where are you going to live, as nowhere is going to be livable, when this thing gets steam up or should that be steam down in this case its going to be an Armageddon or one big hell hole of a planet with no safe ground for man nor bird nor beast


But what really gets up my nose as an Australian is there is no need for it at all, its entirely for the benefit of corporate profiteering which all the worlds population are supposed to except because the ones with all the power and money demand it to be so, I SAY AS A CARING AUSTRALIAN 


FUCK YOU ASSHOLE AND YOUR MONEY,  STICK IT WERE IT HURTS THE MOST                                     











Ever heard of the London fogs

It all comes back to HydroH2o@Atomic six(6) the common fogs, the valley fogs the fogs on the mores, sea fogs in the English channel every morning and every evening fog, fog, fog, now you not going to be to shocked to discover its always raining there as well, how strange is that   


Well on this bulla rainbow site there is nothing at all strange about it, as it makes 100% perfect logic because with that much fog to interact with the suns oncoming photons every morning at sunrise and they making between them, they being the SUN, SOLAR KING & LUNA QUEEN being the queen of mists the primordial red and white rainbows


To this subject there is a complete world of woodcut alchemy pictures that screams it at you, let me show you but a few from this fabulous Webb site

 The Alchemy Web Site  for educational purpose I show just three examples and explain each one to you

 Together the Solar king and Luna queen join together the rose, the flower of life being magnetism (gravity) 

The solar king (Sun) and the Luna queen (Moon) the queen of mists fogs sea fogs London fogs, when the sun and the moon make love together makes gravity that then makes it rain,  here is the equation,   (Mist) HydroH2o@Atomic(6)@ full distortion, over, (sun) elecromagnetics @ nominal lux = gravity plume= rain events


 Notice the sun and moon depicted in or on the water the electromagnetics and the hydro    All credits for picture, Adam McLean, see his site here these reproductions from Rosicrucian section

 The Alchemy Web Site 

Why dose the moon make mists and or sea fogs? the moon exerts her gravity over the oceans and doesn't just make all our oceans tides she actually releases the gravity pressure from the oceans water that alters the seas surface tension during big glass outs or whats called the doldrums where the ocean goes flat like a mirror, and its during these glassed out periods she allows the ocean due to the gravity release she causes, the mist to convex straight out through the oceans surface itself and comes out pure water and leaves the salt content behind 


Now I am sure you will realize how finely balanced and delicately balanced this process is as we are talking about releasing something from the oceans surface that floats in our atmospheric conditions as a mist, fog ok and I use the weight factor of 6 on the Atomic scale for gases and each minute sphere is a perfect round sphere because it floating and has no gravity pressure to pull it into a teardrop shape, NO, its perfectly spherical and can be from 1.5 microns to 35 microns in size any bigger and it becomes a droplet and is to big to float in our atmosphere 

So now you know why London gets its fogs and that corresponds to why it rains so much and in the next post I am going to show you what happens when you add oil and corexaent = a soluble oil that invades the solar king and Luna queens bed room and why it stops all the bonking and all mist and fog making dead in its tracks and all magnetic side of the equation also stops


Bulla joining the perfect spheres